We're a strategically-driven creative collective right in the heart of Shanghai.

Fed up with the relentless flood of trash the ad world churns out, Ugly was born in 2021 with one audacious dream: to craft strategically-backed content and experiences that resonate with real, breathing humans.

How we Work:
  • Questions First.
    We start with a ton of them, diving deep into our client's business to pin down the real problem. If we don't believe we can shake things up, we'll straight-up walk away.
  • Strategy with Ugly Truth.
    Once on board, we architect strategies enriched by deep consumer insights and the pulse of the culture. Every strategy is evaluated for its brand ownability, the clarity of its message, and above all, its truthfulness.
  • Unbounded Creativity.
    We sometimes hone in purely on strategy. But when it's time to unleash creativity, we rally our diverse crew. Beyond traditional ad folks, our core team collaborates with a plethora of interdisciplinary creatives. That means team-ups with musicians, interior designers, stand-up comedians, filmmakers, 3D artists, product design thinkers, and creative technicians. This diversity fuels our possibility, and we're damn proud to continuously expand this collective.

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